Catch 22

Harry! Finally we waived bye the catastrophic 2021 and entered the new year 2022. 

One easy idiom that’s so related to 2022 that you must know about….

Catch 22!

See you don’t even need to memorize it.

What does Catch 22 mean?

Catch 22 meaning:

It means either choice you are left with contradict with each other and are prone to cause troubles in a given circumstance.

Here are some catch 22 examples:

The most shared catch 22 the whole world have been through was lockdowns or not when the Covid19 outbreak first surged last March.

If we locked down, people would be left no jobs to get by, which would likely cause the economy to crumble.

If we chose not to lock down, more people would catch the wide-spreading virus and forced further medical system breakdown and economy catastrophe.

Luckily the governmental relief fund and the roll-out of Covid19 vaccines kept the pandemics under control to certain degree.

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